Parents Teacher Communication

This functionality is divided into three parts.

Using Ezeschool you can send messages to individual students, to do this first you need to click on students, select the class and then select the student to whom you want to send the message. Now you can simply type and send the message, so in case a student is not paying attention in the class, not completing homework regularly Or has performed well in any class activity. You can inform the parents about the same. You do not need to wait for Parents teacher meeting. Your timely feedback will help parents in taking corrective actions. Parents highly appreciate feedbacks from teachers as it reflects that school and teachers are giving personal attention to their kids. This will be a one way communication where only Teacher would be able to send the messages.

Now, let’s move to second part of Messaging functionality which is Homework. From the home screen, click on homework, select the class and now type the message. It has been observed that many times teacher gives the homework but parents are unaware of it. Using messaging functionality you can send message to the entire class. So, all the parents are aware of the homework. Remember that, Parents and Teachers collaboration is vital for child’s growth. There are various scenarios where school management would want to send message to all the students or Teachers of the School, for this you can use the group messaging functionality, click on groups icon, select the group and send the message.

For example sometimes because of rain or any unforeseen circumstances Schools have to be closed. In such cases, Schools are not able to inform parents on time, leading to unnecessary chaos. Ezeschool makes such communication simple. School Admin can send message to all the students of the school with few clicks. The functionality will be available only for School Admins. For Teachers they would be able to read such messages.

Teachers can also post messages on Teachers Group.