School Fee Payment

To keep track of Fee Payment is a crucial task. Most of the Schools in India are not using the Online fee Payment solutions. That means lots of paper work for School.

Today's technology provides sophisticated and secure payment solutions for educational institutions to collect and manage fee transactions. Implementation of online school fee payment system empowers banks and encourages accounts division in K-12 educational establishments to adapt modern electronic payment methods to collect, record, and manage all sort of academic, tuition, hostel, meals/lunch fees transactions; grants; reimbursements; scholarships; etc.

Additionally, the system software seamlessly integrates with the Student Information Management System thereby allowing school administrators to create, allocate, and charge custom fee structure for different students in different classes and sections. Moreover, it simplifies payment process for parents/ students by facilitating them with online payment gateways to pay fees remotely from any location via UPI Apps (PhonePe, Paytm, BHIM, MobiKwik, Google Tez, etc.), Net & Mobile Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, and mobile e-Wallets such as PayUMoney, Mobikwik, and many more.

Why Use Online School Fees Management System? How do I pay my school fee online in India?

Majorities of the people these days avoid paying in hard cash and prefer much more secure and instant modes of payments i.e. via checks and online transfers while depositing fees. Adapting to online school fees management system for digital e-transactions help schools as well as parents/ students to track and trace cash flow, invoices, receipts, and other essential documents thereby averting carelessness and errors.

In India, schools generally prefer cash but have moved on to opt better and sophisticated modes of payments. Meanwhile, college and university institutions favor net banking and drafts. The necessity for proper maintenance in transactions gave rise to Web & Cloud-based online ERP management applications designed exclusively for educational institutions to simply and automate administrative operations such as fee payment and collection, invoice/ receipt generations, database management, etc.

Benefits of Online Fee Payment System Pay at any time and from anywhere Maintain a complete record of payment transactions Lighting fast transactions Safe and Secure payment gateways Avoids standing in line for payments Readily available and time-saving Accessible anywhere 24/7 Mobile convenient

Currently most of the Parent pay fees to school in 3 ways: Cash, Cheque or via NEFT and RTGS

For Payment via cash, for this Parents have to come all the way to school to pay the fee which is time consuming, or, handover the money to kids to pay at school, which is risky.

If payment is done using Cheque, School has to apply the cheque by filling Pay slip. In case the cheque gets bounce or rejected due to insufficient funds, they have to again ask parents to pay fee.

In case of RTGS or NEFT, Parents pay fee online and share the transaction details with School, which School has to match against their bank statement. This leads to lot of unnecessary manual work. After all this they have to manually enter the details in their system to keep track of fees.

Ezeschool provide you with a Fee Payment Solution, so that Parents can pay fees to school at a nominal convenience charge. The fees get credited directly to the school's bank account. Let’s see how easily Parents can pay fee using Ezeschool app. Open Ezeschool app click on Fee payment. This will open the Fee Payment Page. On this page enter the amount and comments, now click next button. Select the payment method, Parents can pay fees using credit card, debit card, Netbanking, UPI or wallet. Parents are no longer need to visit school to pay fee. Once the Fees is paid they will see the transaction details. They can also track the payments in transaction history, where they can see all the details of transactions. Schools will get fees directly in their bank account and will have complete visibility on all payment transactions. They can also generate fee payment reports using Ezeschool dashboard. It will be easier to track from which student fees is still pending. Schools can send one-click Fee Reminder Notification. No more hassles of handling cash, applying cheques or cross-checking RTGS or NEFT payments.