Ezeschool comes with E-learning Module, to ensure that students get all the help they need to improve on academics. Ezeschool provides lots of books, solutions and inbuilt quiz to help students do better in academics.

Student can simply click on E-learning, select the subject. We have added lots of books in our app to help students with every subject. To read books student has to simply click on books, select the book and then select the topic he wants to read. This helps student to study anytime and anywhere.

Like Students, Teachers will also have access to all the books.

It’s not possible for Teachers to take test of each and every topic, with Ezeschool in-built quiz functionality now teachers can easily conduct quiz. Simply ask the Students to attempt the already available quiz in the Ezeschool Application.

Student can go to E-learning module, select subject, click on quiz and can attempt the quiz. Our team has prepared quiz on all the subjects and for all the classes ranging from kindergarten to higher secondary. Once they attempt all the questions, result will be visible to them. A push notification will also be sent to the parents to inform them about their child’s performance in the quiz. This helps parents to understand how their child is performing in the class. For teacher’s there is no more hassle to conduct the test and check the copies. The result of the quiz will be available on the Ezeschool Application. Teachers can simply go to E-learning module, select the class, and select subject and go to quiz. Here, they can see all the available quizzes. To view the questions along with answer, they can click on View question.

To check how students have performed, they can click on results. Here they see name of all the students from class, who have attempted the quiz with the number of correct answers. Data can be sorted by name or number of correct answers by clicking on column heading. To see how individual student has performed, select the student. This will display how student has answered individual questions. We have included the curriculum of all the boards in EzeSchool.