School Attendance Tracking Solution

Though in Schools attendance is mandatory, but this data is seldom used of anything apart from reporting purposes. Parents never get the data of when their kid was present or absent from school.

With the Attendance feature of EzeSchool, now you can share this data with Parents. Also you can send attendance notification to parents on daily basis to inform them if their kid is absent from school.

A teacher can take attendance using the Ezeschool app. To take the attendance they simply have to click on the attendance button, and then select the standard.

This will display the list of all the students in the class. They can use select all to mark all the students as present. In case some students are absent they can simply deselect the check boxes for those students. Once done submit the attendance. Based on Attendance taken a push notification will be sent to Parents to inform them if their kid was absent from school.

Parents and Teachers can also see the monthly attendance of student to know on which days student was absent from school.

To get attendance information Parents can click on attendance and it will display the attendance detail of student.

Teachers can also see the data by clicking on student’s profile; select the standard and then the student.

For the selected Student, click on attendance, to see the attendance data. This data is very helpful in Parents teacher meeting.

We also generate the reports based on attendance taken at end of month, the report contains data of each class per day. Also we track the number of days student was present in the school. The report helps in reducing the manual effort of teachers and also helps school management to easily generate the attendance data for reporting purposes. You can also use Ezeschool to generate report cards for Students in CBSE format. The attendance data will get pre-populated based on attendance taken reducing manual efforts considerably.